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Gavel RONROpertec is the company through which Robert James, PRP, offers parliamentary services to help individuals and organizations learn and use Rules of Order, such as Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, for the planning and proper conduct of meetings and conventions, to insure that the decisions reflect the will of the majority while protecting the rights of the minority. Rob James is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian ("PRP") as conferred by the National Association of Parliamentarians ("NAP"), and as such has the necessary education, training and experience to competently assist clients with their parliamentary needs. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we are also available to provide consulting services, parliamentary instruction and leadership training throughout Canada and the USA.

Rob James is a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians, is currently the President of the Alberta Association of Parliamentarians a division of the National Association of Parliamentarians, was a member of the Professional Development Committee of NAP from 2009 to 2011, which is the committee charged with developing the curricula and responsible for courses and other requirements for attaining and retaining the PRP classification, and is an instructor examiner for PRP Courses. Rob James is also a member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP), and is currently a Director and a member of the Executive Committee, having previously served as the Vice-President, a Director, Treasurer and the Chair of the Finance Committee. Rob is also the current Chair of the American Institue of Parliamentarians Educational Foundation, having been appointed and elected in 2012.

"The application of parliamentary law (rules of order) is the best method yet devised to enable assemblies of any size, with due regard for every member's opinion, to arrive at the general will on the maximum number of questions of varying complexity in a minimum amount of time and under all kinds of internal climate ranging from total harmony to hardened or impassioned division of opinion." Robert's Rules Of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition p.lii Robert's Rules of Order

The following parliamentary services are provided:


Parliamentary Services

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Did you know – that common parliamentary law provides a member the right to make two speeches of ten minutes length per day on each debatable question, and

Did you know – that to change the limits of debate requires a motion adopted by a two-thirds vote?


Without rules there's anarchy (confusion; chaos; disorder)


For more specific information about Robert's Rules of Order, please see Robert's Rules of Order Online


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